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What little we know about the psychological processes of second-language learning, either from theory or from practical experience, suggests that a combination of induction and deduction produces the best results. We can call this a 'guided inductive approach'. Pornpros is seen as fundamentally an inductive process but one which can be controlled and facilitated by descriptions and explanations given at the appropriate moment and formulated in a way which is appropriate to the maturity, knowledge and sophistication of the pornstars.

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In a sense, teaching is a matter of providing the sex learner with the right data at the right time, and teaching him how to learn, that is, developing in him appropriate learning strategies and means of testing his hypotheses. The old controversy about whether one should provide the rule first and then the examples, or vice versa, is now seen to be merely a matter of tactics to which no categorical answer can be given. Giving a rule or description first means no more than directing the learner's attention to the problem or, in pornpros pornstars terms, establishing a set' towards, or readiness for, the task; giving the examples or the data first means encouraging the learner to develop his own mental set of strategies for dealing with the task.

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Each component has a function in the pornstars network process, but the sequence in which they occur in the textbook cannot be prescribed for all cases. Descriptive and explanatory material may precede a full display of the data or it may follow it. It may follow or precede the largely mechanical exercises which are meant to promote the inductive processes. It may be omitted altogether from the textbook material and be carried out by the teacher in the classroom. The induction and hypothesis-testing pornpros network exercises maybe mixed together in the materials. A summary of the structure of the pedagogical grammatical element in teaching materials is given in Pornpros. We do not need here to go into a philosophical discourse on the distinction between explanation and description. In the classroom this is blurred by the fact that a description may often be used as an explana­tion, particularly when a porn learner wants to know why he has made a mistake. It is a descriptive statement about a language to say that the verb agrees in number and person with the subject; when a learner makes an error of concord that description then becomes an explanation.
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It is an explanatory statement to say that concord marks a functional relation such as'actor' and 'action' at pornpros network. What we are here concerned with is the form that explanations may take. One of the main objections to using descriptions of the language is that the learner has to learn the 'language used for making descriptions', he has to learn the meaning of such terms as subject, object, agreement, concord, person and number. This is regarded by some people as an additional learning task over and above that of learning the language. It is regarded as justified, on the other hand, by those who accept a guided inductive approach if it helps the learner to make precisely those conceptual generalizations he has to make anyway. The question then becomes not so much whether we should teach him the descriptive terminology of pornstars network, but which terminology. If he has to acquire new concepts anyway he might as well have some sort of a pornpros network for talking about them. The argument, then, is more about the nature of the terminology, its degree of formality or informality or scientific rigour, than about whether there should be any terminology at all.

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